Applying for trade plates: know how to do it


Trade plates are essential for anyone working in the motor industry. They are used as short-term number plates for cars that have not yet been licensed. With these trade plates, your vehicle can be on the move without the need of taxation or registration. It also saves the motor traders lots of money because it exempts them from registering and being taxed for every single vehicle they own.

Note that if you are a car dealer, every unlicensed vehicle you or your staff will drive has to have a trade plate regardless of whether you are driving it within or outside your business premises.

Below is a guide on, How to apply for trade plates.

Applying for Trade Plates

22kjcbvjhdjhApplication for this trade is vital regardless of the size of your motor trade business. It is recommended that car dealers with large operations get more than one trade plate to be on the safe side anytime they need several cars out of the business premises. Moreover, if you are involved in car testing on public roads and not necessarily a motor dealer, you will still need to apply for a trade plate.

The application can be done on the government trade plate license website. If you are doing a first time purchase, you can get trade plates that will last for 7- 11 months. Individuals that are not first-timers get trade plates that last for 6-12 months. The application forms vary depending on the kind of trade plate you need, which include;

  • First-time license
  • Renewal of an existing license
  • Replacement for your trade license

Application for a refund on your existing trade license. This normally occurs when you no longer need the trade plates without having exhausted the licensing period.

Details needed for a Trade Plate Application

There are specific essentials, which are must-have
when it comes to applying for a trade plate. These will include:

Proof of Eligibility Documentation – This contains a proof of the LMCT number and a licensed vehicle tester number.

  • Completing a vehicle Trade plate Form.
  • Payment of the required trade plate fee.
  • A police report for replacement for a lost trade plate.
  • For a refund, you need to submit the trade plates and they should be expired.

33 jvjhdbhIf you are applying for a license renewal, you will need to present some documents including; your company house registration number, a copy of a motor trade insurance certificate registered on your name and a copy of public liability insurance certificate also issued on your name.

Note that having a successful trade plate license application will require you to comply with all the specified requirements. Also, it is important to have it in mind it is usually termed as an offense when the applicant gives false declarations or documentations on the license application form.

To stay on the safe side ensure that you keep your trade plate visible whenever you are driving in public places; failure to do that may leave you with heavy fines to cater for. It is certain that with the above guide you will not be in the dark when it comes to applying for a trade plate.