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Advantages social media marketing

Unlike any other online marketing websites, social media marketing has grown to become the core promotional tool for many startups and established companies. Listed below are a couple of reasons and advantages of using social media marketing.

Brand Visibility

Before social media marketing was introduced there was typical search engines. A step by step Amazon Affiliate training video course will show that search engines had challenges.ksfjrebferwkf The major problem was that clients could not find you unless they were searching for companies similar to yours. Unlike social media marketing, where your business can be displayed to customers as they surf through different social networks. This, therefore, boosts your company’s visibility which in return increase your company’s recognition. This certainly becomes a practical approach to attract potential clients hence amplify sales.

Increase in the number of conversions per ad click

Research shows that per consumer advertisement expense with social media marketing is significantly reduced when compared with conventional marketing methods like billboards and televisions. This then guarantees that you benefit from a better and cheaper advertisement. Social media influences product and service promotion in a passive fashion. This arouses desire in the minds of your target market hence more buying enhanced by the increased number of conversions per ad click.

Marketing costs

When you run a small company with a limited advertising budget. You can utilize the control of social media marketing to connect with potential clients. Regardless of your budget, you will have the capacity to organize good advertising plan and increase your company’s profit.

Customer loyalty

In this competitive commercial world, it is essential for an enterprise to gain the devotion of its clients. Social media marketing enables you to consistently engage and connect with your customers, thus maintaining your loyal customers.


People are always influenced by friends and family. You often come across blogs and posts from friends, showing their recent shopping spots posted on social media. Then you incline to buy what you saw on social media from the outlet you saw on the post. This is the same way social media posts influences where people are likely to hang out for their entertainment and leisure. As a bright sales man, you cannot help but try to cash in on this growing trend.

Search Engine Rankings

The most recent release of search engine rankings. Search engines are factoring social media usage to be higher than any other sites. Such a massive usage of social media can market your products and services way better than any other form of marketing.


Survival skills and equipment

Wilderness survival is part of your daily life. As much as you feel protected in your modern house, you need to acquire survival skills. At one time, they can come in handy. Nowadays, there are different survival programs such as The Lost Ways you can buy. Even in this era, survival skills are not only for an outdoor enthusiast, backpacker, or sportsman.

Survival skills


tg23erdf78wei22These are techniques and knowledge that can help you to get through hazardous conditions such as earthquakes or storms. Also, they can help you when in dangerous locations such as mountains and deserts. You are advised to learn various survival skills. For instance, you should know how to avoid getting lost, right way of preparing a survival kit, constructing shelter, making fire, and access to clean water. All such skills are critical when in an extreme environment such as desert survival, forest, winter survival, or mountain.


If you find yourself in such an extreme environment, what can you do? The survival skills you need to focus on are based on the human needs and particular hazardous circumstances you are likely to find yourself in. The principal and first task you need to do are creating a shelter that protects you from harsh conditions. It does not matter whether you are creating a poncho shelter or lean-to-shelter, ensure you are safe and out of harsh conditions immediately.


After shelter, the next thing is to find safe drinking water. This is because you cannot survive without water. You can collect water in various ways. If you are in a hot climate or desert, you can get water through condensation traps. However, you need to boil the water to make it safe for drinking. In this case, you will need fire. Thus, you must learn to create fire.


g23wedf6cve78dfjuk22Fire is quite a useful tool as far as survival is concerned. It can be used for purifying water, clothing, and making some survival tools. Moreover, it is helpful in keeping pesky insects and threatening animals at bay. You also need fire for both protection and warmth. As much as fire makes you comfortable, the shelter remains to be the most important in all situations.

First Aid kit

In your first aid kit, you are advised to have a survival book. Military books are some of the best in this case. You will need the first aid kit during emergencies. Also, you ought to have the appropriate equipment for you to survive in harsh conditions.


Different Ways Piano Playing Benefits Your Brain

If you want to keep the mind sharp, you should consider piano playing. In fact, it exercises many parts of the body or mind and provides you with many years of musical equipment. Pianoforall is a great program that teaches you how to play the piano. It does not matter whether you are an experienced player or just starting out, playing the piano is just great for the brain.

People are always looking for brain food that can enhance their mental prowess and keep it in top condition. That old piano in the house can help you a lot. The following are top benefits of piano playing you should know:

Piano playing benefits your brain

Increases coordination

tv3erf5vgwedh28u22When playing piano, the hands ought to develop independent coordination. In this way, you can keep the mind sharp. Every hand is required to carry out entirely different movements and the brain ought to tell every hand what it should do. Thus, when you learn hand coordination, you can easily stimulate many areas of your brain. You need to practice every hand separately.

Increases awareness

You should note that piano playing increases a lot of awareness. In fact, not every person has a great sense of pitch. However, you can develop it through practice and exposure. Thus, when playing piano, you can train the ear to hear tones and pitches about each other. You should note that intervals stimulate the mind in various ways. In this way, your mind is trained to recognize intervals and pitches.

Brain workout

It is said that sight reading provides your brain with an extra workout. This is because your eyes ought to follow the music as the hands play. In fact, ability to sight read is quite similar to learning a foreign language. This also requires hand-eye coordination. You will realize that the eye muscles are strengthened when moving up and down.

Musical passages

tg2vwedf6chwe7dj2ju22Learning the theory of piano playing is another tough mental exercise. In fact, it is brain food at the finest. Changes, melodies, and chords are all documented in complicated musical theory. There are many advantages of learning and understanding how music is composed.

Increases social participation

When playing piano, you will participate in a great social exercise. Remember that history is filled with many spectators and participants. You have got an opportunity to make other people’s time quite enjoyable. Also, you will meet musicians who can help you expand your knowledge. You will find piano playing quite fun. In fact, it helps you create the tone for your day.