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Common web-related mistakes and their remedies

There are those websites that leave you confused once you log in. At times it might be the low definition graphics that get your attention. Everyone forms their own opinion regarding the UX of a website which only highlights how much of an important aspect it is. At times you must consider the artificial look of a website. If you have any of this mistakes on your website, here are some suggestions on how best to fix and improve them. Further, more details are available on the Wix Review.

web related mistakes and their remedies

Disorganized pages

gjghjghjghjghjghjPages displaying too many graphics, clashing colors or confusing navigational tools are some of the common problems websites face. Visitors will have a hard time trying to locate their preferred information. Begin by taking out page elements that distract your visitors from fulfilling the main intention of their visit. Ask yourself whether you have more than 2 CTAs on your web pages. The same applies to your number of columns. Take out any of the elements that might distract visitors from reading without any interruptions.

Images with low resolutions

Even when operating on a meager shoestring budget, opting for high-quality images are a wise investment. Low-resolution photos do not build your credibility, instead, they perform a great job in showcasing the services of your business. If you are willing to part with some cash, you can get the royalty free high-resolution photos from photo stock websites.

Broken links

There is nothing worse than approaching an article or blog post only to find it’s a broken link. They are not only annoying, but they affect your websites search engine rank negatively. Always check the links to your website to ensure that they are functioning perfectly. Fix any that are broken or come up with alternative solutions altogether. The work involved in doing this is quite tedious, however, when using modern day software, it can be completed fast.

Fonts that are difficult to read

As much as it seems creative to use whimsical or funny looking fonts, remember most visitors do not spend more than a few seconds glancing over a particular page. It will be in your best interests to stick to fonts that look professional and are easy to read. You can get good fonts from open source platforms at no charge, for instance, Google Fonts.

No search engine optimization

fgfdgdfgdfgdfgThe purpose of running a website is to ensure it is seen. If you are looking to outrank your competitors and maintain a first page rank on the search engines, then you need on page SEO. Once applied it helps drive in web traffic that can result in high-quality leads. On site, SEO involves maximizing your websites web pages so that search engines are able to understand the HTML source codes and content on the pages. There is off-site SEO which uses external URLs to link your website.


Website mistakes can be fixed over time by carrying out a fashion website audit. Any mistake fixed increases the user experience and will have an impact on the duration your audience get to spend on your website. The best website building tech companies develop websites that do not have any of this problems.